After an initial introduction to the financial sector, focusing on Private Banking and Investments at ABN AMRO MeesPierson, I swiftly transitioned into the dynamic realm of mergers and acquisitions within the organization DUTCH CF. Within my role, I find immense fulfillment in collaborating with inspiring and hardworking entrepreneurs, delving into their incredible business narratives and exceptional companies. My enthusiasm stems from seeking optimal solutions, piecing together intricate puzzles, and guiding them through the transaction process towards the most favorable deal. Teamwork, enjoyment, quality, and impeccable service always constitute the foundation of my approach.

During my leisure time, I have a strong passion for sports, indulge in a diverse range of books, or savor pleasant moments with my girlfriend, family, or friends.

My motto: “Go all out, give more than 200%, and you will always find a way to succeed.”