After completing the Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht, after a few years in the hotel industry, I found my passion in financial services. In the past fifteen years I have practiced various sports within this sector, including factoring at the then Fortis Commercial Finance, leasing and balance sheet financing at DLL Leasing GmbH and Rabobank.

In addition to my career path at the traditional institutes, I have been active for several years in the corporate finance world as a consultant at, among others, a consultancy firm and a large retail corporate. During this period I developed myself into a specialist with regard to financing, (re)structuring and setting up a controlling structure within organizations.

During my career I have continuously developed myself by constantly following new studies and courses, including the Master of Business Valuation at Tias NIMBAS. By nature I am broadly interested and I like to immerse myself in the story and the company of my customers, in order to be able to provide them with the best possible service and support them in achieving their goals.

In my spare time I play tennis, cycle or run. From my hotel school I naturally learned the love for food and drink.

My motto: Sharing is multiplying, together you know and you can do more. That way you often find the way to the solution.