Support from someone who gets it

As the owner/DMS of a company, you are self-aware and critical. Possible even rather stubborn. Justly so: you have managed to come far under your own power. You are ambitious, and you know what it is you want to accomplish. But what can you do to get where you want to go? Your decisions can have a major impact on your company and your employees. And you are on your own more often than you may prefer.

An eye for your company and for you

The senior specialists at DUTCH fulfil the role of critical sounding board and sparring partner for many a DMS at many a different company. Call it coaching, reflecting, or consulting, what it means for you is that there is someone to support you in reviewing and testing your ideas. A tried and true entrepreneur with an eye for your company and for you, personally. A like-minded expert whose focus is your development, and who can help to structure your goals. Someone to point out the solutions you had not yet found.

Not for everyone

An entrepreneur is allowed to be unconventional, wilful, and headstrong – to a degree. But a person who is not open to the ideas and opinions of others, and has no eye for what is happening around them, would benefit very little from coaching. DMS coaching is a service for the entrepreneur who wants to be challenged to become the best possible version of themselves, and who wants to maximise their organisation’s performance. We are more than happy to help you to determine how we can best support your development.

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