Rural Spark

Rural Spark

  • Oktober 2020

The highly innovative Rural Spark has experienced significant growth in recent years and is now active in several African countries, where it is making great strides in the electrification of many rural areas through its in-house developed routers that run on solar energy.

Rural Spark’s disruptive and sustainable products now offer a large number of people in Africa access to the electricity network, with all the possible benefits that entails. In order to actually realize their dream, the young entrepreneurs want to continue the considerable growth trend. They want to achieve this by entering even more countries and developing the products further, in order to achieve the greatest possible impact and to help the population worldwide by providing them with electricity in a relatively cheap way. With a total investment of € 3.5 million by BOM, YARD ENERGY and the DOEN Foundation, the company aims to achieve the intended growth.

DUTCH CF guided and advised the company throughout the entire process. From drawing up a valuation, advising on the negotiation of the financial conditions to advice on arranging the investment.

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