• December 2020

Euroseat is the largest catering furniture outlet in Europe and has been a specialized wholesaler in used catering furniture since 2000.

Euroseat works closely with various major importers and manufacturers in Europe. Euroseat collects the most beautiful ‘class 2’ products, outdated models and used furniture for its customers and offers them at very competitive prices. You can also order new furniture at Euroseat at attractive rates.

The takeover process went very smoothly. After drawing up a thorough search profile, we entered into discussions with various companies. From all targets, Euroseat emerged as the company with which Koper had the right and best click and with which he saw the most opportunities. In the end, Koper took over part of the shares and, together with an investor and the old management, he will realize the growth ambitions.

“The added value of Jasper and his team was great throughout the entire process. It started with drawing up the profile, then his network with leads for potential companies, holding a mirror up to whether companies fit in, whether there is sufficient knowledge in the MT when DGAs leave and finally when negotiating the valuation and other purchase conditions. Yes, I can say that the collaboration with DUTCH CF was very pleasant”.

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