You want to continue to challenge and develop yourself

Routine gets bored. You want to continue to challenge and develop yourself, because if you do what you did, you get what you got. And that is exactly what goes against our nature. Many entrepreneurs will recognize themselves in this.

Organic growth is always pleasant, but does not always feel comfortable

Now that many entrepreneurs are doing well again, I notice regularly that they have difficulty in defining a clear future strategy. Organic growth is always pleasant, but does not always feel comfortable. After all, it is the result of what you are doing every day. However, taking new paths, devising and developing new products or sales strategies, is where entrepreneurs get stuck and can use a tester. That can be in the boardroom or at the kitchen table, but my experience shows that an external consultant with an independent position and a fresh and wide view of possible alternatives can be very valuable in this role.

Which imply that the entrepreneur has to share

The adviser does not know and feel the distraction of the day-to-day business and can get a good insight from a distance about where the company is and what the alternatives are to take new paths. This may include extra hands from MBI staff, strategic or financial parties on board, which imply that the entrepreneur has to share. That is threatening, but with the right agreements the entrepreneur can stay in the lead and do exactly what he or she is good at and energises him. By organizing and organizing it differently, others fill in the more routine matters and the company is often continued and guided in a clearer and more structured manner. This often results in renewed energy and focus on the entrepreneur. And the desired growth for the company. Governing is looking ahead and fresh eyes often have very interesting growth paths that are worth the walk!

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